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ECG Solutions for Clinical Trials

Norav Medical's NR-1207-3, one of the most versatile ECG devices on the market and an excellent solution for ECG Clinical Trials Research. This all-in-one ECG recorder lets you record high-quality diagnostic 12 lead ECGs for Resting, Stress, Holter & Telemetry.


All-In-One ECG Solution


NR-1207-3 for Clinical Trials

All-in-1 ECG solution dedicated to Clinical Research. Lets you acquire 12-lead ECGs for Resting ECG, Stress, Telemetry and Holter all in one device.


12 Lead Surveillance Study

High Resolution ECG Processing

PC, Tablet & Smartphones

Small, Lightweight & Water Resistant



Wireless Bluetooth Interface

USB Interface

Arrhythmia Detection

Automatic Interpretation

Interfaces with Clinical Data CROs


Norav CRO

Intuitive Study-Builder

Multi-Study & Multi-Site Support

Creation of Phases and Steps

Randomization Support

Various Export Formats

On Site Statistics

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